Basic sample program of Spen SDK throws Run time exception

I am writing a basic android app involving Spen SDK. My XML file is:- <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:tools="" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent" android:paddingLeft="@dimen...

How to us Galaxy Note&#39;s handwriting recogntion

I have a simple prototype that receives spen input. I would like to recognize the text inputed by the user. Does the Galaxy Note family (Note 8, Note 2 and 3) provide an intent where you input the strokes and get out text recognized output ? Download Samsung Mobile SDK

Proximity sensor on Galaxy S4 (Air Gestures)

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 have and interesting new type of gestures called " Air Gesture " that use an infrared sensor to process users hand movement in front of the screen, adding a " pre-touch "/" proximity " event, in wich the fingers are detected before the touch. I'd like to use this " Floating...