Using Windows Desktop App Converter, Is it possible to start with Windows?

Franklin Chen - MSFT

So how does one go about getting your app to launch on windows boot any more?

On the Universal Windows Platform, creating shortcut is a different story from the classic desktop application, see this question: How can I create a desktop shortcut for a Windows 10 Universal app using powershell?

And this discussion talked about it: UWP app start automatically at startup

There's a new WinRT API being introduced in RS1 called Windows.ApplicationModel.FullTrustProcessLauncher. It allows you to launch a full-trust application within the same package from a UWP app, see here. You may utilize this feature to create a schedule task to execute a powershell

you can use the windows.startupTask extension to start an executable in your package when users log in. Here's the relevant topic section -