Xamarin: how to get cursor/touch coordinates (position X and Y)?

Do Xamarin provides touch position/gesture API ?

Unfortunatly, no! The only thing you can do with Xamarin is using the TapGestureRecognizer, PinchGestureRecognizer or PanGestureRecognizer class, as you mentionned, but that's all. None of them will give you x/y coordinates.

Do MR.Gestures is the best solution to handle touch ?

I came across a same type of issue. If you don't want to reinvent the wheel, you should definitely go for an external API.

Mr.Gestures does the job pretty good. Unfortunatly, I haven't heard of any free API. As you mentionned, it's per app licenced :(

Or simply, how can I get the coordonates of all touched points with Xamarin ?

You should implement custom renderers for each platform (or UWP in your case). That's what Mr.Gestures does for you behind the scenes. If you don't want to implement this yourself, currently your only option is to use an external API.

Maybe one day Xamarin will provide this kind of API out of the box... Let's keep finger crossed!

Hope this helps!

Late, but if you use Skia, you can add this Nuget:

You will be able to track your touch position inside the scene.