Desktop App Converter -PackageName Error

You're supposed to use your own package name as the Package Name in Desktop App Converter so that you could manage to generate the appx package.

Then you will need to open the Package Manifest.xml to modify the Package Identity Name to match the value in Dev Center in order to upload it to the Windows Store.

By the way, you need to fill in and submit this form to acquire the permission to publish the Desktop converted app to the Store.

I just came across this issue today and was able to solve it by using the windows store package name that would be your "1234MyApp.MyApp" with an AppId of something else like maybe your executable name "MyApp.exe".

My PowerShell looked something like...

$publisher = "1234MyApp.MyApp"
$appId = "MyApp.exe"

DesktopAppConverter -Installer $binDirectory -AppExecutable InventoryAudit.WpfApp.exe -Destination $packageDirectory -AppId $appId -PackageName $packageName -Publisher $publisher -AppDisplayName $appDisplayName -AppDescription $appDescription -PackageDisplayName $packageDisplayName -PackagePublisherDisplayName $packagePublisherDisplayName -Verbose -MakeAppx -Version $version

I only provided the relevant variables. Hope this helps the next person to have this issue.