EF: Incorrect usage of spatial/fulltext/hash index and explicit index order

Solved it.

In your migration file, replace .Index entries by sql commands like below

        c => new
                articleId = c.Int(nullable: false, identity: true),
                title = c.String(nullable: false, unicode: false),
                digest = c.String(unicode: false),
                content = c.String(nullable: false, unicode: false),
                imgLink = c.String(nullable: false, unicode: false),
                releaseDate = c.DateTime(precision: 0),
                userId = c.Int(nullable: false),
        .PrimaryKey(t => t.articleId)
        .ForeignKey("dbo.Users", t => t.userId, cascadeDelete: true)
        .Index(t => t.userId); // REMOVE THIS

Add the corresponding SQL command at the bottom of your Up() method (for every index)

Sql("CREATE index `IX_userId` on `Articles` (`userId` DESC)");

The problems I add then with DataReaders are MySQL connector related. MySQL connector doesn't support multiple active connections. To handle this, if you had this in your controller

public IEnumerable<Article> GetArticles()
    return db.Articles;

Now it should be

public IEnumerable<Article> GetArticles()
    return db.Articles.ToList(); // ToList() will manage the request to work with only ONE data reader, 

If you don't know how to convert your .Index() to SQL commands, just

update-database -verbose

and all the SQL commands will show