Task Scheduler failed to start. Additional Data: Error Value: 2147943726

Today I got the same problem, (HRESULT) 0x8007052e (2147943726) "unknown user name or bad password"

My solution: was to Re-Asign the User on the "Change User or Group" button to get the lattest Active Directory information of the User.

Then I could Run the Task Again...

As a better practice, you could use an "Aplicative" User instead of a regular User which change more often in regular basis.

If you use your account, it may change your password every some quantity of days... and you will need to "fix it" again...

If you use an "Aplicative" account, it may change less than regular User...

You could do this by going to the task tab "General", then "Change User or Group" and assigning the "Aplicative" account, then "OK" Button.

I had the same issue with the windows task scheduler.

The reason for the failure is the recent change in the password of the system user which was configured at the time of task creation.


  • Go to properties of task
  • Under General tab, click on "Change User or Group..."
  • Enter the username in the field "Enter the object name to select"
  • This will ask for Authentication, provide your credentials

Thats it !

I had to select the option to "Do not store password. The task will only have access to local computer resources.", which was fine based on what the task was defined as. For me, I suspect some sort of recent patch or security hardening caused this as it seemed to move through our environments at similar but different days.

Jerry Finch

What I realized is that failure is tied to a password expired policy. The PC got a sort of "frozen" state for the scheduler until a new password is set. The problem is solved once the new password is taken into account by the system.

Highly recommended to perform a little change for the scheduler to ask a new password entry and update the task.

I know it is a late answer, I had the same issue today, a schedduled task I had created a long time ago and stopped running a week ago. Turns out i had changed the password for my username which was the issue. once I went back to the task, made a chance I was asked for the password again.

You can also simply edit the properties of each task (you don't have to change anything), hit ok, and you'll be prompted for your new password. "Conveniently", I didn't see a way to do all of them at once.

After reading this post this is what worked for me. Go to properties of task Under General tab, at the bottom of that window you will see Configure for: Change that to the system you are using (in my case server 2012 R2) hit ok and enter your password.

We had the same problem with Windows 2012 server machines being cloned on a vmware ESX server. The clone/deployment script used sysprep to make every machine individual. With this the users assigned with the scheduled task got screwed up. Our solution was to re-generate the task via batchfile during startup of the machine:

REM Delete the task:
SCHTASKS /Delete /TN "NameOfScheduledTask" /f

REM Create a task to run every 5 minutes
SCHTASKS /Create /TN NameOfScheduledTask /SC MINUTE /MO 5 /TR "some command for task" /NP