MySQL Error: #1142 - SELECT command denied to user


You need to grant SELECT permissions to the MySQL user who is connecting to MySQL

same question as here Error: select command denied to user '<userid>'@'<ip-address>' for table '<table-name>'

see answers of the link ;)

I faced the same situation but its funny that reason for the error was due to the use of the incorrect database or schema name.

Its true that multiple issues can lead to error you have mentioned.

This error also arises for a syntax error occurred due to aliasing tablename.

For instance, when executed below query,

select * from a.table1, b.table2 where a.table1= b.table2

below error occurs:

MySQL Error: #1142. Response form the database. SELECT command denied to user "[email protected]" for table "table1"

Solution : Syntax to alias tablename should be used proper, syntax solution for above instance >select * from table1 a, table2 b where a.table1= b.table2

I had this problem too and for me, the problem was that I moved to a new server and the database I was trying to connect to with my PHP code changed from "my_Database" to "my_database".

This is th privileges issue in your database users. first check and grant permission to user 'marco' in localhost

So the issue I ran into was this... the application I used to grant the permissions converted the Schema.TableName into a single DB statement in the wrong table, so the grant was indeed wrong, but looked correct when we did a SHOW GRANTS FOR UserName if you weren't paying very close attention to GRANT SELECT vs GRANT TABLE SELECT. Manually correcting the Grant Select on Table w/ proper escaping of Schema.Table solved my issue.

May be unrelated, but I can imagine if one client does this wrong, another might too.

Hope that's helpful.

In MySQL query browser go to Tools tab>MySQL Administrator > User Administration and then give the privileges to user.

it's about the privallage of user in the mysql,so you should set the bigger grants with your users.

do this !

In the Terminal, put code mysql> show grants;

then change the following code like this :


Then it will be done.