In Azure Eventhub reciever giving “Encountered error while fetching the list of EventHub PartitionIds” error

Make sure that your consumer sas policies does includes "manage" and not only "listen". I guess it has to have manage rights to be able to list the partitions.

Ideally - EPH should work with "Listen"-only Claims. Right now we have a bug in EventProcessorHost client-code as a result of which - it needs "Manage" claims. We are working on it.

The error "Encountered error while fetching the list of EventHub PartitionIds" is generic and Thrown at PartitionManager, while querying for Partitions. You ran into one of the exceptions in the below catch block. Please indicate inner-exception for completeness (SEO) & faster resolution.

catch(XPathExpressionException|ParserConfigurationException|IOException|InvalidKeyException|NoSuchAlgorithmException|URISyntaxException|SAXException exception)
    throw new EPHConfigurationException("Encountered error while fetching the list of EventHub PartitionIds", exception);


this issue is fixed in version 0.7.7.