Connecting Firebird to an WebAPI Project

I've learned a ton about .Net and Entity Framework by watching pluralsight videos. If you don't have an account with them, signing up for the trial would allow you to watch Entity Framework and Data Models. There is a module dedicated to Creating Database First Entity Data Models, which you may find useful.

After a bunch of research, I stumbled upon the following link:


So I deleted my existing User Controller and Model and created a new Model using ADO.NET Entity Data Model (named User).

From there, I used EF Designed from Database and used the connectionstring I created in my web.config.

From there it let me choose the database tables I wanted and built out a Model called User.edmx.

After that, I created a controller using Web API2 Controller with action, using Entity Framework.

This allowed me to choose a model class with the corresponding name.

At this point, I think I need to do some research on the Entity Framework but this at least allows me to create a web service that connects to the database.

Hopefully this helps other young newbs on their start with, MVC, WebAPI, Entity Frameworks, and Firebird.

My next steps will be understand the User.edmx and if I should have created a model for all tables (instead of just one). Hopefully I understand that when I resarch the Entity Framework.