Codesign wants to access key “access” in your keychain, I put in my login password but keeps asking me

Had the same issue. It was fixed after I entered my mac user password and hit Always Allow.

Solve this problem by doing this.

  1. Enter your Mac Login Password and Choose "Always Allow"

  2. One or More dialogs opened and positioned in the same dialog, repeat step 1 until all dialogs closed. (So you thought your password wrong but repeat "Always Allow" with your Mac login password tricky part :) )

Hope it will work.

I pressed Deny by mistake and I was stuck, no way to code sign any Pods.

This is how I solved the problem:

  • Open the keychain
  • look for the key
  • open it
  • click on the Access Control tab
  • at the bottom there's Always allow access for these applications: -> add Xcode in the list
  • Don't forget to press Save Changes

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I encountered this running a brand new project. Neither the Allow or Always Allow button seemed to work, however it wasn't giving me the 'incorrect password' shaking feedback. What was happening was that there were multiple dialog boxes all in the same position, so as I entered a password and clicked Allow nothing changed visually. I ended up having at least 3 dialogs all stacked up on each other, which I only discovered when I tried dragging the dialog. Entering passwords into each of them let my project finish building.

Alona Moiseyenko

I clicked the "Deny" button, and the keychain was off.

I locked the keychain:

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And then I entered the login keychain again.

Enter the password you use to open you Mac session and click on "Always allow" until all alerts are closed. The other buttons do not work...

Following worked for me!

  1. open keychain-management on your Mac
  2. select "login" on the left pane
  3. look for the key which is causing this issue. Mine was iOS Developer...
  4. double-click the key and select "Allow access to all programs" in the access column

Restart Xcode and try to build again. It will ask you again but with the additional option to "Always allow. Enter your macOS user password as password and press "Always allow".

Let me know if it worked for you.

2019: I had to enter the password like 40 times... must be a bug... but it worked

The same dialog asking for the KeyChain password has 3 buttons. Most likely the wanted password is that for logging in to your Mac. If you press "Allow" it only works for some tiny aspect and will ask again, which is very puzzling. You need to press "Always Allow". The verification team at Apple is very weak, they need some 'normal' developers in the design team for the chain of events to get an app in the app store. Normal developers have very sketchy ideas about KeyChains and Certificates and Profiles.

Mike G

I have had the same problem. I had more than one Xcode window open, closing all other open windows leaving only the current one open solved the problem for me.

For me, I realized one of the dialogs was opened in another workspace. Once I discovered that and input my password there it went through.

As of August 31, 2018.

 1.  Search Keychain Access
 2.  [KEYCHAIN] Login | [CATEGORY] Passwords
 3.  Look for you email address and double click. <it might not be necessary but just try this>
 4. [ACCESS CONTROL] choose  "allow all application to access this item".
 5. Rebuild to your phone.  If you have error choose a virtual device and build (to reset the build objects).  Then choose to rebuild to your phone again.

What helped me was to enter the incorrect password. After that, when entereing the correct password, new dialogs started to open in different places of the workspace. I had to enter the correct password about 20 times hitting Always allow. Which helped!

I have the same problem, and a reboot prevents it from opening the dialog.

I was also having the problem while running the carthage script in the build phase. (Xcode 9) I get that dialog for each and every framework I had added plus the app itself. You can see a very dark shadow growing. I could bypass it by entering the password every time and hitting "Always Allow".

I had the same problem: while building iOS release for Flutter project, was asked for keychain password, entered Apple ID password for developer account, no luck. Finally succeeded by entering password for computer I was using (which was an on-line mac server). Hope that helps.

Okay Guys, after literally 2,5 hours of trying to fix that error I managed to find a solution that worked on my two Mac Machines. These are the steps I did:

  1. Open Xcode -> Preferences
  2. Go to the Accounts Tab
  3. Click the button on the bottom right telling 'Manage certificates'
  4. Look for the name of the certificate
  5. Open the keychain manager
  6. Select in the menu the Sign-In tab
  7. Do a right-click and then delete on the certificate that was named in the Xcode settings page before
  8. Go back into Xcode and see Xcode creating a new certificate(The window will be empty for a couple of seconds and then there will a new certificate lighten up.
  9. Rerun your app

I hope that could help you guys. It helped me a lot! :)