Error: “The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock…” after installing RestKit with cocoapods

Mr. Fahrenheit

I was able to fix that by updating CocoaPods.

I. Project Cleanup

  1. In the project navigator, select your project
  2. Select your target
  3. Remove all libPods*.a in Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries

II. Update CocoaPods

  1. Launch Terminal and go to your project directory.
  2. Update CocoaPods using the command pod install

After many attemps I managed to fix this problem. Variable ${PODS_ROOT} was not set and I do below trick. Go to Build Phases -> Check Pods Manifest.lock and replace

diff "${PODS_ROOT}/../Podfile.lock" "${PODS_ROOT}/Manifest.lock" > /dev/null


diff "${SRCROOT}/Podfile.lock" "${SRCROOT}/Pods/Manifest.lock" > /dev/null

It helps me.

If you remove all pods from your target in the Podfile, e.g.

target 'myTarget' do
pod 'great-stuff', '~> 4.0'  // you deleted this last pod

you'll need to manually delete these builds steps from your Xcode target Build Phases:

  • Check Pods Manifest.lock
  • Copy Pod resources

Cocoapods (current stable version 0.37.2) does not perform this cleanup when you run pod install.

Removing pods from the project and re-installing worked for me.

There is nice GitHub repository that can completely remove the pods from the project.

Just keep the backup of your PodFile and run below commands.

  • gem install cocoapods-deintegrate
  • gem install cocoapods-clean
  • Go to the project directory and run pod deintegrate
  • Again run pod clean
  • Run pod install

Clean and run.

After changing target name

My problem was xcconfig with old target names.

  • Went to project file -> info -> configuration
  • Removed old xcconfig (both Debug & Release)
  • pod install

It would update to new ones.

Also if you had missing .h files that's the reason (pods header search path is in these xcconfig)

I had been searching for hours and I found solutions as follow:

In my case, method 1 works.

Method 1:

  1. choose the target > go to Build Phrases > click Link Binary With Libraries > remove all libPods.a files
  2. open Terminal > direct to your project > run:

     pod install
  3. clean and build project


Method 2:

  1. open Terminal > direct to your project > run:

    pod deintegrate --verbose    
    pod install --verbose


Method 3:

  1. choose the target > go to Build Settings > click "+" sign
  2. add 2 User-Defined Settings: [to the left = to the right]





In my case, I got same error after integrating WatchKit app. To solve problem I needed to add both targets of WatchKit in Podfile:

target 'MyProject WatchKit App' do
    platform :watchos, '2.0'

target 'MyProject WatchKit App Extension' do
    platform :watchos, '2.0'

PS: Maybe this happened for me because I mistakenly installed pods for MyProject WatchKit App target initially.

If you are seeing an error like the following:

diff: /../Podfile.lock: No such file or directory diff: /Manifest.lock: No such file or directory error: The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run 'pod install' or update your CocoaPods installation.

Then there's a problem with Cocoapods in your project. Sometimes cocoapods can get out of sync and you need to re-initiate cocoapods. You should be able to resolve this error by:

  1. Deleting the Podfile.lock file in your project folder
  2. Deleting the Pods folder in your project folder
  3. Execute 'pod install' in your project folder
  4. Do a "Clean" in Xcode
  5. Rebuild your project

I encountered this issue with a misconfigured xcconfig file.

The Pods-generated xcconfig was not correctly #included in the customise xcconfig that I was using. This caused $PODS_ROOT to not be set resulting in the failure of diff "/../Podfile.lock" "/Manifest.lock", for obvious reasons, which Pods misinterprets as a sync issue.

For me the problem was that I made a new target in my app by duplicating an existing one, but forgot to add the target to the Podfile. For some reason, the cloned target did work for days without problems, but after a while it failed to build by this error. I had to create a new target entry for my cloned project target in the Podfile then run pod install.

I found my solution: Run:pod update instead of pod install. The error was fixed!

If you download the project from github or copy from other place, then the dependencies library do not exists, there will be this issue.

You just need to cd to the project/project_name directory in terminal , use ls to check whether there is a Podfile file.

if there exists the Podfile, you just need to install the dependencyies:

pod install

I tried everything, but the problem persisted. After that I did this and it worked ASAP (As Smooth As Possible).

  1. Open the .xcworkspace file.
  2. Change to legacy build system if using Cordova on Xcode 10.
  3. Go to target/project of Podfile. Select Deployment traget as 11+
  4. Then Change the debug and release to It was App.debug/release in my case.Pic attached. Hope it helps. CHange the Debug Release in Pod
Gurpreet Singh

My working answer is:

  1. Install update your cocoapods by this command: pod update
  2. Install your new pods by this command. pod install
  3. Last one command: sudo gem install cocoapods.

When you do

pod install --verbose

make sure:

1- you are in the correct directory. Most times, when a github project is downloaded, there will be a master folder. You need to be inside the actual project name folder(masterfolder/project folder) in the terminal before you invoke pod install --verbose

2- Delete the old pod lock folder then clean the project using xcode clean & do pod install.

3- Keep your rvm updated.

My problem was the cocoa pods version so I installed the latest with: sudo gem install cocoapods --pre Then pod update

That worked for me

The steps that worked for me (XCode 8.3.3/XCode 9 beta with a Swift 3.1 project)

 - Navigate to your project directory
 - pod install //which then asks you to do the next step
 - pod repo update //takes a while to update the repo
 - pod update
 - pod install
 - Close Xcode session
 - Open and Clean the project
 - Build/Run

Also make sure you open the .xcworkspace file rather than the project file (.xcodeproj) when working with pods. That should solve any errors with linking such as "Apple Mach -O Linker command failed"

If you are applying to the way Project Cleanup and your project still error.

You can go to tab Build Phases and then Find Check Pods Manifest.lock and remove the script.

Then type command to remove folder Pods like that rm -rf Pods

and then you need to remove Podfile.lock by command rm Podfile.lock

Probably, base on a situation you can remove file your_project_name.xcworkspace

Finally, you need the command to install Pod pod install --repo-update.

Hopefully, this solution comes up with you. Happy coding :)

I had same error. First I update cocoapods using

sudo gem install cocoapods

then install pods using Pod install command worked for me.

Moritz Morgenroth

For me, working in flutter, the configuration was not automatically added due the existing configuration.

Adding #include "Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-Runner/Pods-Runner.profile.xcconfig" to Flutter/Release.xcconfig and Flutter/Debug.xcconfig

solved the issue.

dewanshu sharma

if your pods are empty

  1. remove copy pods resources and check pods manifest.
  2. lock from build phases settings of your project

My problem was when my fellow developer added a pod in the project and then i pull the project using github then the error occurred. I ran pod install and it updated the pods with new library which was added by my fellow developer. hope it helps.


This made my day!

  1. Deleting the Podfile.lock file in your project folder
  2. Deleting the Pods folder in your project folder
  3. Execute pod install in your project folder
  4. Do a "Clean" in Xcode
  5. Rebuild your project

I have the same problem with latest ComponentKit 0.14. The reason is PODS_ROOT was not set and i have found the solution is add a line to ComponentKit.xcconfig :

#include "../Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-ComponentKit/Pods-ComponentKit.debug.xcconfig"

Check in your project that Pods are maybe not being pushed to Git. So it's obvious that compile will break since it cannot find the Pods directory

 diff "${PODS_ROOT}/../../Podfile.lock" "${PODS_ROOT}/Manifest.lock" > /dev/null

I solved this by issuing pod install in the Terminal after navigating to my project's directory.

Indeed, I had an error cannot find pod command which meant that cocoapods were not installed. This is fixed via gem install cocoapods. If you get any dependency error, just install each command that is reported missing. In my case I had to update Ruby and after that cocoapods were installed properly and I was able to use the command pod install.

PS. If you have Pods directory, try pod update. Maybe your library needs updating.

zain ullah

i had this issue when i was trying to remove previously installed library

@Michal's answer helped me

Remove or uninstall library previously added : cocoapods

I accidentally removed and then unpack back folder from where I tried to install pod.
It was like this: 1) cd in your project folder 2) zip your project 3) remove project folder 4) unzip folder back 5) from now even you have this folder you should go to this folder again from the terminal

I had error:

diff: /../Podfile.lock: No such file or directory diff: /Manifest.lock: No such file or directory error: The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock.

I pulled request from bitbucket for first time. I cleaned my project and tried everything(pod install, pod update etc.) but none of the above answer worked for me. Then I just check the path where I was installing the pod and corrected it and installed again,It just worked. Make sure give the path just before where .xcodeproj or .xcworkspace(if it is already there)exist. May be someone get benefitted from this.

Please do the following steps:

1: Deleting the Podfile.lock file in your project folder

2: Deleting the Pods folder in your project folder

3: Execute 'pod install' in your project folder

4: Do a "Clean" in Xcode

5: Rebuild your project

I use the cocoa pods installation from the bundle.

  • Install bundler
  • Add Gemfile in root of project
  • Add required gems in Gemfile
  • bundle install
  • and then always use bundle exec pod install

If you don't know how-tos of one of these steps, searching on google will help :)