OKD 3.11 Installation failed “Control plane pods didn't come up” “network plugin is not ready: cni config uninitialized”

Oof could get the thing up !!

  1. Unable to update cni config: No networks found in /etc/cni/net.d. The network plugin was not ready perhaps because of this. This was the thing @capt2101akash pointed also.

    Got a work around solution from the below mailing list

    Reference solution

    Basically created a file /etc/cni/net.d/80-openshift-network.conf with content

    { "cniVersion": "0.2.0", "name": "openshift-sdn", "type": "openshift-sdn" }

  2. Again it was not coming up, Ansible scripts showed me the same old story "Control planes not up"

    This time master logs /usr/local/bin/master-logs api api was showing a command not found in /etc/origin/master/master.env . Guessed a problem in inventory file. The entry for proxy had an additional \ and no proxy some spaces.

    Santized the inventory file.

    Redeployed and it is up and accessible.

    This was a workaround, would post it if i get into the real cause.

You need a network plugin for your installation to complete. It is failing because it can't find the network plugin to use for ex. CNI, weave-net, etc. Here you can find the listed plugins supported by k8s.